Strategic Payments Consultancy

Silverdoor Consulting is an independent consulting firm focused on developing business strategies and expanding payments networks.

What we do

Our consulting practice covers the following areas:
Strategic Business Advisory
Large Infrastructure Implementations
Payments Scheme Processing Strategy
Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies
Network Services Innovation

Geir Forde

Geir has over 20 years of strategic payments advisory across a variety of leading financial services. He has worked in a global capacity spanning European, North American and Asia-Pacific markets.

He has led strategic initiatives for financial services and retail organisations from within banks; both as a management consultant and as a regional lead for international payment schemes.

He holds a Master of Business Administration from Macquarie University in Sydney and was awarded a Master of Management from the Norwegian School of Management.

Areas of Expertise


Payments Scheme Processing Strategy
Focusing on core interbank switching, issuing, acquiring and ATM processing.


Network Services Innovation

Identifying, developing and implementing interbank network services to drive value and innovation.


Strategic Business Advisory
Providing insights into strategic options within payments around strategic partnerships, M&A or internal builds.


Large Infrastructure Implementations
Offering experience in regional and market level infrastructure delivery.


Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies

Providing insights into strategic value of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

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Why Choose Us?

Over 20 years experience of successful development strategies, establishing global benchmarks for international payments schemes and banks.
Established and trusted relationships with industry executives globally with a reputation for delivering increased value over multiple decades.
Deep understanding of interbank payments networks and the complexity and requirements needed to execute network-based services.
Proven track-record building and delivering business strategy; spear-heading growth in network-based innovation.